Personal Leadership

As a young man, I loved doing real estate deals. The challenge, the complexity, I found exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling. In the beginning, it was mainly about me, my skill set, motivation, energy; how well I could find and craft "The Deal." As I grew my portfolio, I had a fascinating epiphany: Success was becoming more and more about others. My personal success was inevitably intertwined with the success of those around me, with the caliber and motivation of those I could attract to support me in my quest.

I didn't realize it at the time, but I was taking my first tentative steps toward assuming the mantle of leadership. I realized that every organization is the shadow of its leader, and that I could not share what I did not have. I became a convert to the "Inside/Outside" approach to leadership, the concept that you must first change on the inside before you can change on the outside. I also realized that we ALL are leaders, that leadership is a 360-degree concept, that we all are impacting each other every moment of our lives.

Thus I began my never-ending journey of personal and professional growth. This site is an attempt to share some of my thoughts and insights, hoping it may help speed others along their journey as others have helped me.